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U.K. Charges 11 Over Suspected Airliner Bomb Plot

Planes standing at London's Heathrow Airport on August 12 (epa) August 21, 2006 -- British officials say 11 people aged between 17 and 28 have been charged in connection with an alleged plot to blow up 10 U.S.-bound airliners.

The head of the London police antiterrorism branch, Peter Clarke, said investigators also seized bomb-making equipment and "martyrdom videos."

"There are chemicals, including hydrogen peroxide, electrical components, documents, and other items," Clarke added. "We have also found a number of video recordings. These are sometimes referred to as martyrdom videos. This is all combined to give us a clearer picture of the alleged plot."

Nine of those charged are from London, according to a Bank of England list of suspects whose assets were frozen following the arrests. Two are from a suburb northwest of London. Their nationalities were not disclosed.

Prosecutors say eight have been charged with conspiracy to murder and preparing acts of terrorism, and three with lesser offenses.

One woman has been released without charge. Eleven others remain in custody.

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