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U.S. Official Says U.S. Showed 'Arrogance' In Iraq

(RFE/RL) October 22, 2006 -- A senior U.S. diplomat says the United States has shown "arrogance" and "stupidity" in Iraq.

Alberto Fernandez, the director of public diplomacy in the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs at the State Department, said in an interview with Al-Jazeera television that there was room for "strong criticism" of U.S. policy in Iraq.

"We tried to do our best, but I think there is much room for criticism because, undoubtedly, there was arrogance and there was stupidity from the United States in Iraq," Fernandez said, speaking in Arabic.

Fernandez warned, however, that a U.S. failure in Iraq will also mark a "disaster" for the region. He called for reconciliation among Iraqi factions.

Asked for a reaction to Fernandez's comments, State Department spokesman Sean McCormick told reporters today that he had been "misquoted."

He did not elaborate.


The International Coalition In Iraq

The International Coalition In Iraq
Georgian soldiers marking Georgian Independence Day in Baghdad on June 6 (epa)

COALITION MEMBERS: In addition to the United States, 28 countries are Multi-National Force-Iraq (MNF-I) contributors as of May 31, 2006: Albania, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, El Salvador, Estonia, Georgia, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, South Korea, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom. Fiji is participating as part of the UN mission in Iraq. Hungary, Iceland, Slovenia, and Turkey are NATO countries supporting Iraqi stability operations but are not part of MNF-I.

NON-U.S. MILITARY PERSONNEL IN IRAQ: United Kingdom, 8,000 as of May 26, 2006; South Korea, 3,237 as of May 9, 2006; Italy, 2,900 as of April 27, 2006; Poland, 900 as of May 30, 2006; Australia, 900 as of March 28, 2006; Georgia, 900 as of March 24, 2006; Romania, 860 as of April 27, 2006; Japan, 600 as of May 30, 2006; Denmark, 530 as of May 23, 2006; All others, 1,140.

(Source: The Washington-based Brooking Institution’s Iraq Index of June 15, 2006)

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