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Annan Calls For Leadership On Climate Change

(epa) November 15, 2006 -- United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan today criticized what he called a "frightening lack of leadership" against global warming.

"All of us want to see a day when everyone, not just a fortunate few, can live in dignity and look to the future with hope," Annan said. "All of us want to create a world of harmony among human beings and between them and the natural environment on which life depends. That vision, which has always faced long odds, is now being place in deeper jeopardy by climate change."

Annan was speaking to environmental ministers and ambassadors from around the world at a meeting of the 12th UN Climate Change Conference in Kenya.

Annan also suggested imposing an international carbon tax, with revenue going toward fighting the effects of climate change.

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Global Climate Change

Global Climate Change

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