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Serbs Protest Toxic Pollution

(RFE/RL) November 18, 2006 -- Residents of an industrial zone in Serbia today protested against pollution containing cancer-causing chemicals.

Hundreds of citizens in the town of Pancevo were calling for urgent action to stop benzene and chlorine emissions from a local petrochemical plant.

Earlier this week, pollution from the plant was so strong that it triggered a public alarm, causing residents to stay indoors.

The plant was bombed during the 1999 NATO air campaign during the Kosovo conflict, causing air and land contamination. The UN subsequently designated the area an environmental hazardous zone.

The petrochemical plant has since been repaired, but still doesn't have sufficient safety mechanisms to prevent leakages. The government has started legal action against the plant's managers.

RFE/RL Balkan Report

RFE/RL Balkan Report


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