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Iranian Students Disrupt Ahmadinejad's Speech

Students heckle President Ahmadinejad at the Kabir university on December 11 (Fars) December 11, 2006 (RFE/RL) -- Students at Tehran's Amir Kabir Polytechnic University today disrupted a speech by Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad, calling him a "dictator" and a "liar."

The incident follows protesting on December 10 in which students at the same university claimed officials were cracking down on a reformist student group.

Iranian news reports say the group today assaulted a state television crew before being confronted by a larger crowd of Ahmadinejad supporters.

The Iranian president reportedly described the troubleshooters as a U.S.-funded "oppressive minority" and continued his speech.

"Polytechnic University students started to chant against the president and against the policies of the new government in universities," Bijan Pouryoussefi, a student who witnessed the incident, told Radio Farda afterward. "They chanted 'Death to the dictator! Down with oppression! Ahmadinejad is the cause of poverty and corruption!' and other similar things."

Iran's AdvarNews reformist student news agency says that hundreds of Amir Kebir students on December 10 staged a protest at the same university.

Other protests were reported on December 6 at Tehran University.

(Radio Farda, with Fars and AdvarNews)