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Iranian Official Said To Meet Iranians Detained In Iraq

(RFE/RL) April 4, 2007 -- Iran's state IRNA news agency says an Iranian representative is to meet with five Iranians detained in Iraq by U.S. forces for the first time since their capture in January.

The report did not say when a meeting might take place.

In Baghdad, U.S. military spokesman Christopher Garver had no immediate comment.

The United States accuses the five of being members of Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps and providing material support to militants. Iran says they are diplomats.

(Reuters, AP, AFP)

Iraq And Iran

Iraq And Iran

Iranian Shi'a protesting the Golden Mosque Bombing in Iraq on February 24

WHAT IS GOING ON? On March 8, RFE/RL's Washington office hosted a roundtable discussion on relations between Iraq and Iran. Although most analysts agree that Iran has been actively involved in Iraq since the U.S.-led military operation to oust former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, they continue to debate the nature, extent, and intent of that involvement.
The RFE/RL briefing featured WAYNE WHITE, former deputy director of the U.S. State Department Bureau of Intelligence and Research's Office of Analysis for the Near East and South Asia, and A. WILLIAM SAMII, RFE/RL's regional analyst for Iran and editor of the "RFE/RL Iran Report."


Listen to the complete RFE/RL briefing (about 75 minutes):
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