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Britain's Prince Harry Will Go To Iraq

Prince Harry in uniform (file photo) (epa) April 30, 2007 -- The head of the British Army said today that he has personally decided that Britain's Prince Harry will go to Iraq.

Army Chief of Staff General Sir Richard Dannatt said he hopes his statement will end the media speculation surrounding the prince's deployment.

Harry, the younger son of Prince Charles, is a second lieutenant and a tank commander trained to lead a 12-man team in four armored reconnaissance vehicles.

Earlier reports quoted senior Iraqi politicians as saying that Harry will become a "target prize" for insurgents.

In other news, a British soldier was dismissed from the army and sentenced to one year in prison today after pleading guilty to abusing prisoners in Iraq.

The corporal admitted abusing Baha Musa, an Iraqi hotel receptionist who died after receiving 93 separate injuries from repeated beatings in British custody in 2003.

Meanwhile, at least 59 people, including several insurgents, have been killed across Iraq in the past 24 hours. At least 88 people were reportedly injured in violent attacks.

In addition, the U.S. military announced that three U.S. soldiers were killed on April 29) and a fourth on April 28 in incidents in eastern Baghdad. About 150 insurgents were detained over the past 24 hours.

(compiled from agency reports)

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