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Iran: Azima On The Lifting Of Her Travel Ban

Parnaz Azima (RFE/RL) Radio Farda spoke briefly with its correspondent Parnaz Azima shortly after Iranian authorities returned her passport on September 4. Azima said she is looking forward to putting her affairs back in order but noted that her case is still pending.

Radio Farda: Did they notify you in advance that you could pick up your passport [on September 4]?

Parnaz Azima: Yes, the Information Ministry called me on [September 2] and told me they wanted to speak to me about my situation and that we might be able to reach a solution. [On Monday] at 10 a.m., I went to speak to them and after a half-hour interview, they told me that I could pick up my passport. But they told me the bail [the deed of the Azima's mother's house, estimated to be worth some $550,000, in lieu of bail] wouldn't be returned to me and my case would stay open for now. My lawyer is supposed to arrange a court date. I spoke to my lawyer, and he told me that he was planning to set a court date as soon as possible to clarify my case. Personally, I can't make any predictions how my case will be resolved.

Radio Farda: You've been told that you're allowed to travel abroad again?

Azima: Exactly. When I went to the national passport office, the passport-related bureau of the presidential office (supervised by the Intelligence Ministry) today, I asked them if I was allowed to travel. They told me that with the return of my passport, my travel ban had also been lifted and I could leave whenever I wished.

Radio Farda: What are your plans now?

Azima: I had left all my affairs untended. The only thought I have now is to return home on the earliest flight I can find and to put my affairs in order. Then we have to see when the court will convene and how it'll turn out.

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