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Central Europe: U.S. Donating More Food To Needy

Washington, 27 August 1996 (RFE/RL) -- The U.S. Agriculture Department says it is donating food commodities to be distributed to the needy in Ukraine, Russia, Moldova and Tajikistan.

It is giving a total of 2,800 tons of vegetable oil, wheat flour, white beans, and lentils for distribution to needy people in Ukraine by the charitable groups Agudath Israel of America, Global Jewish Assistance and Relief Network and Lishkas Ezras Achim. Orphanages and homes for the elderly will receive special attention.

In addition, the United States is donating 1,400 tons of rice, vegetable oil, beans and wheat flour to the CitiHope International private voluntary group to support new economic development initiatives in Ukraine. The food will be sold in Ukraine and the proceeds will be used for grants and loans to small business enterprises.

For Russia, the U.S. Agriculture department says it is giving 300 tons of wheat flour, beans, rice and dry milk powder to Project Aid/Siberia, which will work through local governments in Siberia to reach the people most in need.

The department is also giving 5,000 tons of soybean meal to The Citizens Network for Foreign Affairs, a private voluntary organization, which will sell the meal in Russia and use the money to provide loans to private farmers in Siberia to buy equipment and to finance feed mill equipment to improve livestock feed quality.

The United States is also donating 2,000 tons of vegetable oil, rice and wheat flour to the Lishkas Ezras Achim organization for distribution to the elderly, sick and school children in Moldova.

A donation of 3,000 tons of wheat flour and vegetable oil is being made to CARE for distribution to vulnerable groups in the Dushanbe and Kurgan-Tiube regions of Tajikistan.