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Tatar-Bashkir Report: August 23, 2001

23 August 2001
World Tatar Congress Chairman Says Transition To Latin-Tatar Is Being Slowed Down
The chairman of the Executive Committee of the World Tatar Congress, Indus Tahirov, said on 22 August that he does not consider it a tragedy that this school year first form pupils in Tatar schools will not begin learning the alphabet from books printed in Latin-Tatar, as was stipulated by the state program for implementing Tatarstan's law on restoring the Latin-Tatar script. He emphasized that the program "is slowing down, rather than going into reverse."

Tahirov also repeated the statement of President Mintimer Shaimiev, who said that the experiment with transition to Latin-Tatar should be resumed. The WTC committee chairman admitted that "we didn't manage to convince Tatar communities outside Tatarstan of the necessity of our reform," adding that "we should do more ... to promote it." He stressed the importance of introducing the Latin alphabet simultaneously in Tatar schools in Tatarstan and other regions of Russia.

Dalavia To Order 6 More Aircraft From Kazan...
The Kazan Aircraft Plant will produce six Tu-214 aircraft for Dalavia airways in Khabarovsk with the help of the Russian Financial Leasing Company [FLC], reported on 22 August. FLC director Yevgenii Zaritskii told the agency that Dalavia is satisfied with the operation of first Kazan-produced aircraft, which are currently operating on the Moscow-Khabarovsk route.

...While China Prefers Ulyanovsk-produced Aircraft
The Chinese Civil Aviation Administration has signed a protocol of intentions with Egyptian Sirocco Aerospace International for the future purchase of several Tu-204 aircraft from the Aviastar plant in Ulyanovsk, the "Wall Street Journal" reported on 21 August. Recently Kazan Aircraft Plant also became a partner of Sirocco by signing a contract for cooperation in selling Tu-214 airplanes on Oriental markets. According to the terms of contract with the Egyptian company, both Kazan and Ulyanovsk aircraft are to be equipped with Rolls Royce engines.

'Kommersant' Opens Office In Kazan
The Russian newspaper "Kommersant-Daily" has opened an editorial office in Kazan to prepare topical reports on developments in Tatarstan beginning in September, Tatnews reported on 22 August.

Kazan-Made Helicopter Popular Among Customers
The Kazan Helicopter Plant has already signed contracts for the sale of 10-15 of its Ansat helicopters, although the model is to obtain its flight certificate only in 2002, reported on 22 August. Each machine will cost about $1.7-1.8 million.

Official Says Federal Ecological Laws 'Incomplete'
The deputy director of Tatarstan's Ecology Fund, Vladimir Barmin, said on 22 August that 238 million rubles [$8.1 million] were raised from the republic's industries for nature preservation purposes this year. He also noted that "due to the incompleteness of federal legislation, this sum does not include 45 million rubles [$1.54 million] of ecology payments, which could be made by small and middle businesses." Barmin said that it is such companies that inflict the greatest damage on the environment.

Bad Roads Cause About 40% Of Traffic Accidents In TR
According to a government meeting on 22 August, some 38% of traffic accidents in Tatarstan this year were caused by the poor condition of roads.

Book On Moslem Organizations In TR Published
For the first time Tatarstan's Moslem Religious Board has published a directory of local Moslem organizations with their addresses and biographies of their heads, reported on 22 August. The book is available in Russian and Tatar.

Resident of Tatarstan Becomes Russia's Best Combine Harvester Driver
Karim Yusupov from the Elmet region of TR was acknowledged the best combined harvester driver in Tatarstan and Russia with about 60 tons of grain gathered each day, Russian State TV [RTR] reported on 22 August. He is 80 years old.

By Iskender Nurmi

Residents Speak For Differentiated Social Subsidies
Bashortostan's state media have held opinion polls to determine residents' attitudes to President Murtaza Rakhimov's recent decree allocating an additional 180 rubles [$6.16] payment to budget sphere employees on 22 August. The majority of respondents said that the payment should have been larger and calculated according to the incomes of each family.

More Languages Of Ethnic Minorities To Be Taught In Schools
Schoolchildren in Bashkortostan will have more opportunities for learning their native languages, according to the provisions of the republic's "Peoples' Languages Act," Bashinform reported on 22 August.

Tatar Youth Organization From BR To Join Festival In Kazan
The Tatar Azatliq organization from Bashkortostan will represent the republic during the Tatar Youth Days in Kazan on 25-31 August. Their trip is reportedly sponsored by Bashkortostan's State Committee on youth policy.

BR Almost Ready For Winter
88% of Bashkortostan's state owned housing is prepared for the coming winter season, AROMI reported on 22 August.

By Iskender Nurmi