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Tatar-Bashkir Report: August 29, 2000

29 August 2000
Russian Officials To Attend Celebrations
More than 20 Russian Federation officials have confirmed that they will attend celebrations marking the 10th anniversary of Tatarstan's sovereignty and 995th anniversary of its capital city, Kazan, Tatar-inform reported on 28 August. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Valentina Matvienko, Russia's presidential deputy chief-of-staff, Vladislav Surkov, Federation Affairs and National and Migration Politics Minister Aleksandr Blokhin, and the deputy presidential representative in Privolzhsky okrug, Vladimir Zorin, are expected to come. The presidents and speakers of Bashkortostan, Kabardino-Balkaria, Chuvashia, and Udmurtiya expressed their willingness to participate in the occasion. The Algerian, Iranian, and Kuwaiti ambassadors to Russia will also be among the guests. Renat Akchurin, the well-known surgeon who operated on Boris Yeltsin's heart, will also attend.

Scientists Sum Up Sovereignty Results
A scientific conference titled "Ten Years of Tatarstan Sovereignty: Results and Prospects," was held in Kazan on 28 August, Tatar media reported. Scientists and politicians analyzed the historical and political principles of Tatarstan's declaration of state sovereignty, discussed European regionalism, the current political situation in Russia and sovereignty prospects, legislative practices in the republic, and the bilateral power-sharing treaty with the Russian Federation. Tatarstan State Council chairman Farid Mukhametshin, and the former parliament speaker of Tatarstan, the permanent representative of Russia to the European Union, Vasilii Likhachev, participated.

Tatarstan Receives Greeetings
Congratulatory telegrams addressed to Tatar President Mintimer Shaimiev arrived from all parts of Russia on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Tatarstan's sovereignty declaration, Tatar-inform reported on 28 August. The Udmurt republic's State Council chairman, Mr. Volkov, noted in his greeting that "for all these years you were and still remain a bright beacon in implementing economic reforms and in resolving problems in the socials services. Armenian Nationalities Council President Mr. Chatoev wrote that "due to your wise and far-sighted politics, more than 100 nationalities live in a united family whose languages, culture, traditions, and religions became a treasure for Tatarstan and, the most important of which are preserved by all branches of the government. A cooperation agreement between the Association of National-Cultural Organizations of Tatarstan and the Nationalities Council of Armenia signed recently in Yerevan is a consequence of our long common efforts during a complicated period of forming democratic institutions." On behalf of the Tatars and Bashkirs of Magadan Oblast, President Shaimiev and Tatarstan's people also received congratulations from the chairman of the civil organization Altyn Ai Nurgaliev, and the chairman of the regional branch of the political movement Refakh, Mr. Mursalimov. Telegrams were also received from the executive committee chairman of the Chelyabinsk Oblast Tatars' congress, Mr. Guibadulin, the chairman of Tashkent's Tatar cultural-educational center, Mr. Yusupov, Tatarstan's representative in Uzbekistan, Umida Sabirova, and Tatarstan's representative in the Ural region, Ravil Bikbov.

By Gulnara Khasanova