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Europe Battles On Through Winter Onslaught

Heavy snowfall in the Old Town in Gdansk, Poland.
Northern Europe continues to battle against ice and snow, which have disrupting road, rail, and air traffic.

In Poland, where temperatures have fallen to as low as -33 degree Celsius, authorities say 12 people froze to death overnight, bringing the country's overall death toll caused by harsh weather in the past three days to at least 30. Many of the victims were homeless people.

Some 150,000 people in the city of Czestochowa were reported to be without heating.

Meanwhile, flooding caused by rivers swollen by heavy rainfall forced thousands of people from their homes in the Western Balkans countries of Albania, Bosnia, Serbia, and Montenegro.

In Albania some 7,000 people were evacuated from their homes as the waters of Lake Skadar flooded thousands of hectares of land and some 1,000 houses.

In Montenegro, where more than 1,300 people had to leave their homes, Interior Minister Ivan Brajovic warned of a "grave danger" posed by rising waters in rivers and Lake Skadar.

compiled from agency reports