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Ganca Takes The (Azerbaijani Presidential Birthday) Cake

BAKU -- The municipal authorities and businessmen in Ganca, Azerbaijan's second-largest city, are preparing to celebrate President Ilham Aliyev's 49th birthday on December 24 with a 49-meter-long cake, RFE/RL's Azerbaijani Service reports.

Ganca has marked Aliyev's birthday for the past four years with a cake of the corresponding length.

The local authorities say last year's 48-meter cake weighed 11 tons and broke European records for the largest cake. It required 3.5 tons of flour, 3 tons of sugar, 500 kilograms of butter, 35,000 eggs, and 500 kilograms of walnuts. Decorations in sugar frosting depicted the city's historic sites.

Some 30,000 people came to admire and sample it.