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Family Of Laotian General Outraged Over Arlington Burial Denial

General Vang Pao
The family of former Laotian general Vang Pao says it is "disgraceful" that the U.S. Army has denied a request for the U.S. ally in the Vietnam War to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

In a statement February 5, the second day of a six-day funeral in Fresno, California, for Pao, the family said the denial is a lesson in how President Barack Obama's administration honors America's allies.

Two California congressmen submitted the request shortly after Pao died at 81 on January 6, saying Pao should be buried alongside American soldiers he fought with in Laos.

Army Secretary John McHugh said on February 4 the request was turned down after a unanimous recommendation from a board of military and civilian officials.

compiled from agency reports