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China Probes Xianjing Link To Fatal Tiananmen Incident

Police cars block off roads around Tiananmen Square in Beijing after the deadly car crash on October 28.
China is investigating a possible link with its restive Xinjiang after five people were killed and dozens injured when a car slammed into pedestrians in Beijing's Tiananmen Square on October 28.

Chinese media on October 29 reported that police in Beijing have asked local hotels to help in the search for two suspects and listed four car license plates from Xinjiang, a Turkic-speaking Muslim province in the far west of China.

Many Uighurs there resent Chinese controls on their culture and religion.

Police said on October 28 that the car veered off the road at the north of the square, a major tourist attraction, crossed the barriers and caught fire almost directly in front of the main entrance of the Forbidden City, in front of a huge portrait of the founder of Communist China, Mao Zedong.

The three people in the car died, as well as two tourists.

Details immediately after the incident were sketchy, with it unclear whether it was an accident or an intentional act.

The area around the square, the site of the 1989 pro-democracy protests, is one of China's most strictly guarded public venues.

Based on Reuters and AFP reporting