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The Rundown -- December 10

RFE/RL in the Media

# "Washington Post" runs story about "amazing" video of protests shot by Andriy Dubchak of the RFE/RL Ukrainian Service; "New York Times" mentions it as well; and used by CNN and ABC
# Sky News takes RFE/RL Ukrainian Service live stream of protests
# RFE/RL mentioned in "Telegraph" story about Polish style during the Communist era
# Police remove barricades around Kyiv center, raid Fatherland offices
# "Watch Kyiv If You Believe In Europe" - Robin Forestier-Walker, Al Jazeera
# Has Russia already lost?
# Shuvalov says Russia embarking on long-delayed reforms
# New Russian news agency that will replace RIA Novosti to be led by the controversial Dmitry Kiselyov
# RIA reporting on its own demise
# Putin "welcomes the crazy"
# Russia forgives $29 billion of Cuba's Soviet-era debt
# What if Washington went along with Karzai's plan?
# "Washington Post" video: "Afghanistan at a Crossroads"
# U.S. TV campaign in Pakistan "misses mark"
# Musharraf treason charges finalized
# "Hagel Urges Pakistan to Reopen Afghan Supply Route" - Julian Barnes, "Wall Street Journal"
# Iran's defense minister says country has improved accuracy of ballistic missiles
# Iranian and Saudi strategists, spar, swap ideas
# "Iran, From Enemy to Ally" - David Patrikarakos, "New York Times"
# "Sanctions Hawks Losing the Plot" - Matthew Duss, "The American Prospect"
Central Asia
# Gulnara Karimova grants interview to Huriyet
# "Turkmenistan cockroach" spreading in U.S.
Of Interest
# Spy agencies infiltrating virtual worlds