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Obama Says Significant Gaps Remain On Iran Talks

President Barack Obama on July 16 said there are "still significant gaps" and more work to do on Iran nuclear talks.

Obama, speaking in Washington, said he will consult with Congress and allies to establish whether negotiations need to be extended after the July 20 deadline.

The talks aim at a deal that curbs Iran's atomic programs in exchange for an end to the nuclear-related sanctions on Tehran.

Obama said Iran had met commitments over the past six months and it's clear "real progress" has been made in several areas and there is a "credible way forward."

The interim agreement which was struck in November froze aspects of Iran's nuclear program in exchange for an easing of some sanctions. It expires on July 20.

Earlier on July 16, Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry discussed the "path forward" on the talks.

Based on reporting by AFP and Reuters