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Yemeni Leader Calls On Iran To ‘Use ‘Logic And Wisdom’

President Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi has called on Iran to use "logic and wisdom" when dealing with Yemen.

Hadi told a meeting with local political and public figures on September 6 that Iran "has to deal with the people, not with a certain faction, group or sect."

Shi'ite-dominated Iran has been accused of backing Huthi rebels, who have been fighting fierce battles for years in Yemen with government troops and loyalist tribes.

The Huthi have been camping for weeks inside and outside the capital, Sanaa, demanding the removal of the current government.

Shi’a are the majority community in Yemen’s northern highlands.

The country has been locked in a protracted transition since long-time President Ali Abdullah Saleh was forced from power in February 2012.

Based on reporting by AFP and AP