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Afghan Minister Urges New War On Terror Networks

Afghan Foreign Minister Zalmai Rassoul
Afghanistan's foreign minister has warned NATO and other allies that winning the war on terrorism will take a truly global effort.

Zalmai Rassoul was addressing the annual ministerial meeting of the UN General Assembly.

"If our international partners and allies wish to win the global war on terrorism they must look beyond the villages in Afghanistan and engage in a strategy that will effectively and decisively dismantle organizations and networks that continue with immunity to support terrorists and radical militants. Terrorism remains a global challenge which can be defeated only through a concerted international effort," Rassoul said.

Rassoul said these groups are expanding their operations and attacks in the region.

He said that as long as some government and non-government "actors" - which he didn't identify - provide al-Qaida and its affiliates with sanctuary, arms and financing they will remain "formidable and murderous adversaries."

compiled from agency reports