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BP Attaches Cap To Broken Well In Latest Attempt To Halt Oil Spill

U.S. President Barack Obama, seen here surveying the damage a week ago, said he's "furious" and blamed BP for failing to respond quickly enough.
British energy giant BP has placed a cap atop the damaged undersea oil well in the Gulf Of Mexico in its latest bid to contain the spill that has caused what's being called the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history.

BP says it aims for the containment cap placed over the gushing well pipe to stop at least 90 percent of the oil flow.

The company said it could take 48 hours before a determination made on whether it had succeeded.

Live video earlier showed oil and gas continuing to billow up as robots attached the cylindrical cap to the top of the crippled wellhead.

President Barack Obama, meanwhile, has said he's "furious" about the oil disaster, saying BP has not worked fast enough to respond to the massive spill.

Obama's comments, in an interview with CNN broadcaster Larry King, mark the president's strongest words in public about the disaster since the spill began with an oil rig explosion more than six weeks ago.

In another development, the Obama administration has announced it has sent a first bill for $69 million to BP and "other responsible parties" to cover oil spill-related costs.

Oil from the spill has so far hit the coasts of three southern U.S. states -- Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi -- and is threatening Florida.

compiled from agency reports