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Biden Travels To Europe Warning Of New Threats

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden
U.S. Vice President Joe Biden is in Europe today, saying there is a need to advance European security against new and emerging threats.

Biden's trip will include a speech to the European parliament in Brussels, talks with NATO leaders, a meeting with EU President Herman van Rompuy, and a visit to Spain.

In an opinion piece in today's "International Herald Tribune," Biden says Washington will not change the trans-Atlantic security compact without its partners, but stressed that change is vital in order to remain "relevant to the world today and tomorrow, not yesterday's world."

He wrote that the United States and its European allies need to explore reciprocal limitations on the size and location of conventional military forces.

He also said they need to devote more attention and resources to deterring and combating security threats to Europe that come from outside Europe.

compiled from agency reports