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Bombs Kill At Least Seven In Baghdad

BAGHDAD (Reuters) -- A series of bomb attacks across Baghdad has killed at least seven people and wounded 25, police said.

A bomb attached to a car, followed quickly by another blast, killed three people and wounded 10 in the New Baghdad district in the east of the capital, police said.

A roadside bomb in the Yarmuk neighborhood struck an Iraqi Army truck carrying ammunition. Three soldiers were killed inside the truck and four civilians were wounded.

In the Ghazaliyah district in western Baghdad, a roadside bomb struck a police patrol, wounding three policemen and a civilian.

A roadside bomb struck near a police patrol in the central Karrada district, killing one civilian and wounding four police officers, and another roadside bomb in central Baghdad wounded four people.

Iraq has become far less violent over the past 18 months, but militants still launch bomb attacks frequently targeting Iraqi civilians or the security forces.