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Car Bomb Attacks Kill At Least 10 In Baghdad


The scene of today's deadly car bomb attack in the Baghdad district of Mansour.
Iraqi officials say two car bombs killed at least 10 people and wounded dozens in Baghdad today.

Iraqi Army Brigadier General Ali Fathal said the first attack took place near a mobile phone office in Baghdad's wealthy Mansour neighborhood.

"A blast took place near Asiacell company. We were sitting inside the company when glass flew up and hurt us," one eyewitness told Reuters. "This man was wounded by the glass and his son is missing. We are looking for his son. We do not know where he is! He disappeared.

"If you go inside, you will find the charred bodies of people. There is no government and no security."

It was not immediately clear if the Asiacell office was the target of the attack.

The second attack reportedly occurred minutes later in Baghdad's northern Kazimiyah neighborhood.

compiled from agency reports