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Conscript Commits Suicide In Russian Military Unit

ST. PETERSBURG -- A Russian Army conscript has committed suicide in a military hospital in the city of Vyborg, RFE/RL's Russian Service reports.

The soldier was from the military unit in the town of Kamenka, near St. Petersburg, from which a group of newly drafted recruits deserted last week.

Yelena Popova, the NGO Soldiers' Mothers Committee spokeswoman, told RFE/RL that the situation in several military units in Kamenka is worrisome, with young soldiers referred to her organization many times complaining of "nonregulation" behavior and humiliating treatment of junior officers.

She added that they are living in horrendous conditions and according to barbaric laws.

Bullying and the humiliation of conscripts by older soldiers in the Russian Army has long been a prominent issue in Russian society.