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Five Bosnians Injured In Natural Gas Blast

SARAJEVO (Reuters) -- Five Bosnians were injured in a natural gas blast at their home in the capital Sarajevo on January 10, a hospital spokeswoman said.

Police were investigating the cause of the explosion.

"The Hadrovic family...[was] admitted to the Sarajevo University Clinical Centre. The mother suffered heavy burns in the gas explosion," hospital spokeswoman Biljana Jandric told Reuters.

Serbia started pumping around 0.5 million cubic metres of gas into Bosnia on January 10 after Bosnian imports of natural gas were cut off earlier this week when shipments of Russian gas via a pipeline that runs through Ukraine and Hungary were halted.

Between 1 to 1.5 million cubic metres of gas from German utility E.ON was also expected to be delivered.

When the gas imports were halted on January 6 in Bosnia, where many remember heatless winter nights during the 1992-95 war, more than 100,000 households were left without heating.

Bosnia uses around 350 million cubic metres of gas annually and has no gas reserves. Natural gas accounts for up to 8 percent of Bosnia's energy use, energy officials say.