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Ousted Mayor Of Moscow To Form Political Movement

Yury Luzhkov in Moscow on September 27, the day before he was sacked by President Dmitry Medvedev
The former mayor of Moscow fired recently by Russia's president says he plans to form his own political movement.

Yury Luzhkov was dismissed by President Dmitry Medvedev last week after 18 years in office.

In his first interview since he was fired, Luzhkov told the opposition weekly "New Times" that he does not plan to contest his ouster in court because he does not believe Russia's courts would dare defy the Kremlin.

He also said he would form a political movement that would seek to develop democracy in Russia.

Luzkhov lost his job after publicly criticizing Medvedev. Medvedev cited a loss of presidential trust in announcing the dismissal.

Luzhkov has dismissed persistent allegations of corruption, which have been leveled at him and his billionaire wife.

compiled from agency reports