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Hungarian, Serbian Police Find Bodies In Border River

BUDAPEST (Reuters) -- Hungarian and Serbian police have found the bodies of three people drowned in the river between the two countries and are searching for several more, police officials said.

Up to 19 migrants from Kosovo tried to cross the River Tisza to enter Hungary last week but their boat sank, according to media reports in Kosovo.

Hungarian police said they had found one body in the river, adding that Serbian police had found two and there could be more. They did not confirm there had been a boat accident and would not say how many people were missing.

Police divers continue to search the river, but conditions are difficult as the water is very cold and murky, said Janos Pal, spokesman for the Csongrad county police in Hungary.

"It is possible that these people tried to cross the border with the help of human traffickers," he said. "We are investigating that possibility."

A father and two children from Kosovo were found alive near the river in Hungary last week, wet and suffering from hypothermia.

"[The father] said there were more than 10 of them traveling together," Pal said.

The three were briefly hospitalized and have applied for refugee status. They were taken to a refugee camp in the southern Hungarian town of Bekescsaba.

A Kosovo police spokesman said Kosovo police had started an investigation to find and arrest the organizers of the trip.