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Iranian Reformist Leader's Son Talks About Court Appearance

Hossein Karrubi says his father, opposition presidential candidate Mehdi Karrubi (above), talked to parliament about his allegations that opposition protesters have been raped in detention.
The son of reformist cleric and former parliament speaker Mehdi Karrubi says that he was summoned to court on August 25 on security charges and for giving interviews to Persian-language media based outside Iran. Hossein Karrubi was interviewed by RFE/RL's Radio Farda broadcaster Roya Karimi.

RFE/RL: Hossein Karrubi, can you tell us what happened at court today?

Hossein Karrubi:
At today's court hearing they brought up several charges against me, including propaganda against the establishment, spreading prostitution, agitating public opinion, attempting to [assist] rioters, and so on.

I responded that the country's youth had shed its blood in the streets, and young detainees in prison had been killed in the worst possible ways. We talked about what these things [mean] for the health of the [state]. They let me go after I paid bail.

RFE/RL: Was the basis for the accusations against you comments that were made by your father, reformist cleric Mehdi Karrubi?

They referred to comments to Karrubi's letters and comments and asked why I had published them. They also said that [I] "confirmed" Karrubi's comments in the interviews [I] gave to the Persian Service of the BBC and [Deutsche Welle].

This is just an excuse. The main issue has been brought up by Mehdi Karrubi. This is just an excuse. The shutting down of the newspaper ["Etemad-e Melli"] had nothing to do with my comments. They've linked [the newspaper's closing] to my talks with Karrubi.

RFE/RL: So in general, were the accusations based on what was published in "Etemad-e Melli" or was it based on your interviews with foreign media?

No, they didn't blame me for the articles that were published in the newspaper. But they made the accusations against me based on the interviews with foreign media.

They have an issue with it and asked me why [I speak] to foreigners. When [the authorities] shut down the paper of a prominent figure such as Mehdi Karrubi, what does the establishment expect? If they would let the newspaper continue publication then maybe what [the authorities] say would be right.

RFE/RL: Can you tell us how the August 24 meeting went between Karrubi and members of the parliament?

Mehdi Karrubi yesterday [told the] the investigation committee [about] four cases [of rape in prison] and told them go and talk to these four individuals and investigate the issue.

It was a very good meeting. Both the parliament members and Mr. Karrubi were satisfied with the meeting. They first have to investigate the four cases, [and] then Mr. Karrubi will present other cases.

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