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Iraq Seeks Financial Disclosure Law To Fight Corruption

BAGHDAD (RFE/RL) -- A financial disclosure bill has been proposed by Iraq's anticorruption commission as part of the commission's effort to tighten control of public money, Iraq's anticorruption tsar said on February 20.

Judge Rahim al-Igaili told RFE/RL's Radio Free Iraq that any public servant living "beyond their means" will be required to disclose the sources of their income under the new law.

Al-Igaili said the anticorruption commission is also demanding that the government rescind the court ruling that no government employee can be prosecuted without first obtaining the respective minister's consent.

He also said that more than 7,500 cases of suspected corruption are being investigated. Last year more than 81 Iraqi officials were convicted on corruption charges.

Al-Igaili told RFI that his commission is currently drafting an anticorruption law that meets UN anticorruption standards.