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Israel: Libyan Aid Ship Will Not Reach Gaza

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman
Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman says a Libyan aid ship heading toward Gaza will not be allowed to reach the Palestinian enclave.

Lieberman told Army Radio "very clearly, no ship will arrive in Gaza" because, as he said, "we will not permit our sovereignty to be harmed."

Libyan aid organizers on July 11 said the Moldovan-flagged ship is still en route to Gaza, but will go to Egypt's port of El-Arish if prevented from reaching the enclave.

Youssef Sawani, the executive director of the aid group leading the ship, said they don't "want to cause any provocation" with Israel and only want to deliver 2,000 tons of food and medical supplies.

Israeli Science Minister Daniel said organizers could use an Israeli port to deliver the goods.

"Israel hasn't changed its policy, and its policy is very clear. No ships were allowed to arrive at Gaza, so if they want to transfer the humanitarian equipment to the people in Gaza they are welcome to do it through Ashdod [the Israeli port]," Hershkovitz said.

Israel sent commandoes to raid a Gaza-bound aid flotilla on May 31, killing nine Turkish activists in what Israel said was an act of self-defense.

compiled from agency reports