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Kyrgyz Complain To Kazakhs Over Web Report Amid Violence

Ethnic Uzbeks on a street in the village of Vlksm, destroyed during recent clashes in Kyrgyzstan.
The office of Kyrgyzstan's prosecutor-general has sent a complaint to Kazakh authorities about two journalists from a regional Internet site who were publishing during last month's deadly ethnic violence.

The complaint says journalist Asror Muminov and website owner Valery Khlyupin were inciting ethnic hatred by writing and posting an article on on July 3 that claimed "Kyrgyz were killing Uzbeks even in mosques" in the southern city of Osh last month, when there were clashes between the Kyrgyz and Uzbeks resulting in hundreds of deaths.

The Kyrgyz prosecutor-general's office says it investigated those accusations with clerics at mosques in Osh and determined there was no truth to the article.

Kyrgyzstan's prosecutor-general said the offices of are located in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan wants Kazakh authorities to launch an investigation into charges the site incited ethnic hatred.

compiled from agency reports