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Luge Federation Says Plans To Review Olympic Events

Nodar Kumaritashvili
The International Luge Federation says it plans to carry out a review of its events at the Olympics after this year's competition was marred by the death of a Georgian luge athlete.

In a statement released February 18, the International Luge Federation says that now that the luge events at the Vancouver Olympics are finished, it will gather information and "determine how best to move forward."

The federation says it plans to share its conclusions with the public by the end of March.

Georgian luger Nodar Kumarishtavili, 21, was killed during a practice run shortly before the start of the Vancouver Games one week ago when he lost control of his sled and was thrown from the track into a metal pole.

Officials have previously said the Whistler Sliding Center track used at the Vancouver Games was safe.

Some athletes, however, said they had warned about the high speed and safety of the track.

compiled from agency reports