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Moscow Police Arrest 'Blue Bucket' Protesters

"Blue bucket" protesters have been targeted by police
MOSCOW -- Thirteen members of the "blue bucket brigade" were detained by Moscow police for staging a small "protest walk" through the Russian capital, RFE/RL's Russian Service reports.

The "blue bucket" activists are protesting the blaring sirens used by many government officials to get to their destinations faster than ordinary people. The demonstrators place toy buckets on top of their heads to mimic the blue sirens used by officials.

Some Russian officials' refusal to obey traffic laws while driving with a blue siren has led to the death and injury of several people.

Protester Dmitri Zvorikin told RFE/RL that during the July 19 demonstrators weren't holding placards or chanting slogans. He said they were just peacefully walking in Moscow's historic center.

They brought human rights lawyer Elena Gurevich in order to defend their actions. After being held by police for three hours, all 13 protesters were released.

"You know, this just means we are going to have to be more careful, like maybe not take our kids to the next protest," Zvorikin told RFE/RL. "But we
definitely plan to continue our absurd walks in the future."

In April, angry motorists staged a protest by putting blue buckets on top of their cars, their motorcycle helmets, and even their heads as they drove together through a busy part of Moscow. One month later an "extended stroll" by the same "blue bucket" protesters was held. Ten were arrested.

To date no criminal charges have been brought against the "blue bucket" protesters.