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Moscow, St. Petersburg Rallies End, Arrests Made

A peaceful rally in central Moscow has ended but at least several of the participants were arrested.

The rally held on the 31st of each month, something meant to reflect the 31st Article of the Russian Constitution, which guarantees the right of assembly.

Moscow authorities, in a rare move, approved the rally on Triumfalnaya Square that attracted, according to Russian news agencies, at least 800 people, though Associated Press put the number at nearly 2,000.

Many of those attending the demonstration were from Russian rights organizations.

Several people were arrested for trying to start fires or climb over fences.

An unsanctioned rally was held in St. Petersburg were some 300 protesters assembled.

AFP reported up to 60 people were arrested at that rally, while Interfax said the demonstrated "went on without many people being detained."

compiled from agency reports