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Officials: Four Al-Qaeda-Linked Prisoners Escape U.S. Custody In Iraq

Prisoners at what was then called Camp Cropper, near Baghdad, last year
Authorities in Iraq say they are searching for four prisoners with ties to Al-Qaeda who have escaped from the U.S.-controlled section of Baghdad's Karkh prison.

U.S. military officials said it was discovered that the four inmates were missing during a security sweep after two other detainees were caught attempting to escape the prison late on September 8.

No details were immediately available on how the escape occurred or who may have been to blame.

Baghdad security spokesman Major General Qasim al-Musawi said the four were believed to be linked to Al-Qaeda and were considered dangerous.

U.S. military spokesman Brigadier General Jeffrey Buchanan described the escape as "regrettable."

The Karkh jail, formerly known as Camp Cropper by the U.S. military, was turned over to Iraqi authorities in July, but U.S. forces retain custody of about 200 inmates, who have been described as having ties to Saddam Hussein's former regime or terrorist operatives.

compiled from agency reports