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Pakistan To Probe Video Showing Apparent Army Executions

General Ashfaq Kayani
Pakistan's Army chief has ordered an investigation into video clips showing men in Pakistani soldiers' uniforms shooting bound and blindfolded detainees.

The two clips, which have been circulating on the Internet, were purportedly from Pakistan's Swat Valley where the army carried out a major offensive against Taliban militants in 2009.

Human rights groups have accused the army of carrying out extrajudicial killings in Swat -- allegations the army denies.

The army chief, General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, said the probe was set up, in part, to determine whether those shown in uniform were actually soldiers. He has vowed to take action if that is the case.

U.S. law forbids aid to foreign militaries if they are found to be committing gross violations of human rights.

The Pakistani Army receives billions in U.S. aid to fight Al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

compiled from agency reports