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Police Say Chechen Man Assassinated In Dubai

The killing appears to be the latest in a rash of assassinations of Chechen exiles, including in Vienna, where officials (pictured) were pursuing another case in January.
DUBAI (Reuters) -- A Chechen man was shot dead in Dubai on March 28 in what police said appeared to be an assassination.

"It looks like an assassination," Dubai police Chief Dhahi Khalfan told the state news agency WAM.

Suleyman Madov, born in 1973, had been "subjected to close monitoring" before being shot in the parking lot of the building where he lived, Khalfan said, without elaborating.

Khalfan and other senior police and security officials visited the site of the shooting in the Gulf's tourism and trade hub, where violent crime is rare.

Chechen exiles say three Chechens have been assassinated in the last six months in Istanbul and one in Vienna, some of whom had fought Russian forces in the south Russian region of Chechnya during the 1990s before going into exile.

Some in the exile community have pointed the finger at Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, who has rejected any allegations of involvement and through a spokesman accused unnamed individuals of trying to smear him.

with additional RFE/RL reporting