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Republicans Poised To Regain Control Of House

Democrats have controlled the U.S. House Of Representatives for the past four years.

In a blow to President Barack Obama, the Republican Party appears poised to regain control of the U.S. House Of Representatives.

U.S. news networks have declared that their exit poll projections show the Republicans winning enough seats in the November 2 elections to take control of the 435-seat House, which has been held by Obama's Democratic Party for the past four years.

The Republicans would need to win at least 39 seats now held by Democrats to claim a 218-seat majority in the House.

Projections also show the Republicans on track to gain seats in the 100-member Senate -- but probably not enough to end the Democrats' majority in the chamber.

Republican control of either the House or the Senate could create obstacles for Obama's legislative and policy agenda in the last two years of his four-year term.

Voters across the United States cast ballots for all 435 House members and 37 of the Senate seats. Pre-election opinion polls had suggested that voters, angry over sluggish economic growth and some Obama policies, were likely to favor Republicans in the midterm polls.

compiled from agency reports