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Russian President Wants Police To Revert To Old Name

Public confidence in Russia's police has fallen with reports of corruption, brutality, and abuse of office.
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has proposed restoring the prerevolutionary name for Russia's police force.

Medvedev made the proposal in a discussion with law enforcement officials on a new draft bill on the police force, which has yet to be published.

Russia's police force still goes by the communist-era name "militsia."

"We need professional people. We need personnel who work efficiently and honestly," Medvedev said, "so I believe that the time has come to return the 'militsia' its old name and from now on call our law enforcement agency 'politsia.'"

Polls show low public trust in the police force, with frequent reports of corruption, mistreatment of suspects, and deadly road accidents caused by officers.

ITAR-TASS says Russia has around 1.4 million police officers, of which more than 2,700 faced criminal charges last year for breaches of duty.

compiled from agency reports