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Search Continues In Rugged Terrain For Afghan Plane

An ambulance on standby near the mountains where an Afghan Pamir Airways plane is thought to have crashed in the Salang pass on May 17.
Searches in Afghanistan are resuming their search for an airplane carrying at least 43 passengers and crew that is feared to have crashed in mountainous terrain.

The plane, operated by Pamir Airways, a private Afghan airline, was traveling from Konduz in northern Afghanistan to the capital, Kabul, when it disappeared on May 17, reportedly in the Salang Pass region of the Hindu Kush mountains.

Reports say 37 Afghans and six foreigners were aboard.

The reports suggest the foreigners are believed to include three British citizens, two Turkish nationals, and one American. Officials said rain and snow have have been hampering efforts by NATO and Afghan rescue teams to find any wreckage.

compiled from agency reports