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Serbian Police Search Several Places Seeking Mladic

General Ratko Mladic in 1995
BELGRADE (Reuters) -- Police have searched several locations across Serbia looking for its most-wanted war crimes suspect Ratko Mladic, a source in the war crimes prosecutor's office said.

His family apartment in Belgrade was one of the places searched. His son Darko Mladic lives now with his family in an apartment in a house in the southern part of the city.

"Police are searching several locations in Serbia in an effort to find war crimes fugitives wanted by The Hague tribunal and to cut their financial support network," the source said.

Reuters reporters on the scene saw two jeeps with special policemen wearing balaclavas in front of the house.

To meet the key condition for progressing on the European Union path -- to extradite the two remaining fugitives -- the Balkan country has intensified the search in recent months. They have probed various firms to find helpers and cut finances to those suspected of aiding them to hide.

Bosnian Serb wartime commander Mladic was indicted in 1995 on genocide charges for the siege of Sarajevo and for orchestrating the Srebrenica massacre. Also at large is Croatian Serb leader Goran Hadzic, wanted for crimes against humanity.