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Sudanese Woman Fined For Wearing Trousers

The defendant, journalist Lubna Ahmed al-Hussein, writes for a left-wing newspaper and works for the media department of the UN mission in Sudan.
KHARTOUM (Reuters) -- A Sudanese woman has been found guilty of indecency for wearing trousers in a case that has attracted worldwide attention, but she will be spared lashes, an official who attended the trial said.

"She was found guilty, but we know she is not guilty. She was fined 500 pounds ($209)," said Yasser Arman, an official who is a senior member of the former rebel Sudan People's Liberation Movement.

Arman, who attended the trial, said the verdict was unconstitutional.

The woman, Lubna Ahmed al-Hussein, had faced 40 lashes for wearing trousers deemed indecent by the authorities.

Arman said the verdict against her did not include any form of physical punishment.