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Suicide Bomber Kills Seven In Iraq's Anbar Province

FALLUJAH, Iraq (Reuters) -- A suicide bomber blew up a truck near a police station in Iraq's western Anbar Province today, killing seven people and wounding six, police said.

The bomber struck in the center of the town of Saqlawiya, just north of Fallujah, 50 kilometers west of Baghdad. A water tanker truck exploded near the gates of the police station, near a municipal government building, police spokesman Mohammed Jassim said.

Two of those killed and four of the wounded were police officers and the rest were civilians, police said.

Authorities immediately imposed a curfew on the town.

Anbar, Iraq's Sunni Arab heartland, has been struck by a series of deadly attacks in recent weeks.

A string of bombs exploded in the town of Hit six days ago, killing seven people. The explosives were planted at night at the home of an Iraqi army antiterrorist commander and others.

Suicide bombers killed more than two dozen people in Ramadi on December 30, in attacks that targeted Anbar's governor, Qassim Mohammed, who was seriously wounded.