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U.S. Drone Attacks Kill 10 Suspected Militants In Pakistan


At least 10 militants have reportedly been killed in two attacks by unmanned aircraft in Pakistan's tribal region along the Afghan border.

Unnamed Pakistani officials said both air strikes took place in North Waziristan district, thought to be used by Taliban and Al-Qaeda fighters to launch cross-border raids on international troops in Afghanistan.

In the first attack, a U.S. drone targeted a hideout in Daande Darpakhel village, killing six militants.

Hours later, another drone fired two missiles at a vehicle carrying four people in Datta Khel village near the Afghan border, killing the occupants.

Intelligence officials said both attacks targeted the Haqqani network, which is led by Afghan warlord Sirajuddin Haqqani. That network is believed to have been behind dozens of deadly attacks in Afghanistan.

compiled from agency reports