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Truck Bomb Kills 10 In Baghdad Market

Men injured in the bombing sit bandaged in a Baghdad hospital.
BAGHDAD (Reuters) -- A truck bomb killed 10 people and wounded 37 others when it exploded in a wholesale vegetable market in southern Baghdad, police said.

The bomb planted in a pickup truck shook the mainly Sunni Muslim area of Doura around 7 a.m. as merchants wound up the daily delivery of goods to the market.

Normal life is slowly returning to Doura, which like other parts of Baghdad was once controlled entirely by Al-Qaeda.

Sectarian violence has dropped sharply, but a rash of major bombings in recent weeks has raised questions about security gains as U.S. combat troops prepare to withdraw from Iraqi cities next month and Iraq gears up for national elections.

In April, 290 Iraqi civilians were killed in attacks, the highest number since November.

Thirteen U.S. soldiers were killed in combat in April.