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Turkey Detains 32 Al-Qaeda Suspects In Raids

ISTANBUL (Reuters) -- Turkish security forces detained 32 suspected members of the militant group Al-Qaeda believed to have been planning attacks on NATO, U.S. and Israeli targets, state-run news agency Anatolian reported.

The suspects were detained in simultaneous raids across eight provinces, it said, quoting security officials as saying some were believed to have been trained in Al-Qaeda camps in Afghanistan.

Security officials found documents linking the suspects to the outlawed group during the raids.

"Teams from the Istanbul Anti-Terror Squad have launched an operation against Al-Qaeda members found to be planning operations against U.S. and Israeli representative offices and NATO installations," Anatolian reported.

Separately, Anatolian said six people were facing charges over their involvement in Al-Qaeda suicide bombings that killed some 60 people at two synagogues, an HSBC bank branch and the British consulate in Istanbul in 2003.

Seven militants, including a Syrian Al-Qaeda member, were previously sentenced to life in prison for their role in the 2003 bombings.