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Turkish Protesters, Police Clash At IMF Meeting

Turkish riot police use water cannon during the October 6 protests.
ISTANBUL (Reuters) -- Turkish police have fired tear gas and used water cannon for a second day to break up protests against the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank, a Reuters witness said.

Several hundred protesters, students and members of Turkish unions and left-wing political parties, clashed with riot police a few hundred meters from the IMF-World Bank semi-annual meetings, which ended on October 7. Several youths threw stones at police before riot police moved in to break up the protests.

Police detained several people.

On October 6, police broke up protests after demonstrators threw petrol bombs and smashed up banks near the convention center where finance ministers, central bankers, and economists and executives had been meeting to discuss the global economy. Several people were injured in those protests.

There is significant opposition among Turkish students to the IMF, which helped bail Turkey out of a deep financial crisis in 2001.

Turkey and the IMF are negotiating a possible new loan agreement after the last one expired more than a year ago.