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Blasts Kill 13 In Western Iraq

AL-FALLUJAH, Iraq (Reuters) -- Two suicide truck bombs outside police stations have killed at least 13 people, wounded 122 others, and leveled six houses in western Iraq, police said.

Police Captain Hammad al-Mohammedi told Reuters security forces had sealed off the city to traffic in response to the bombs, which exploded simultaneously outside the two stations in different parts of the city of Al-Fallujah, 50 kilometers west of Baghdad.

Six police officers were among the dead, he said.

Violence has dropped sharply in Iraq over the past year, but car bombs, roadside bombs, and other attacks strike Iraq on a daily basis. Al-Fallujah was once heart of a Sunni Arab insurgency against the Shi'ite-led government and U.S. forces.

Sunni Islamist Al-Qaeda and other militants have since been largely overcome, but some still operate there.