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At Least 70 Dead As Gunmen Attack Pakistani Mosques


A Pakistani policeman carries the bloodied body of a worshiper at one of two mosques stormed by gunmen in Lahore.
Gunmen wearing suicide vests have stormed two Pakistani mosques belonging to a minority sect in Pakistan's second city of Lahore, killing at least 70 people.

The attacks took place today in the Model Town and Garhi Shahu neighborhoods of Lahore. The assault on the Model Town mosque was brief, and Pakistani police later regained control of the mosque, arresting two attackers.

At Garhi Shahu, the standoff dragged on, with attackers reportedly holding hostages.

Both mosques belong to the Ahmadi community, also known as Qadiani, which has tens of thousands of members.

Ahmadis are a minority Muslim sect founded in the late 19th century and with about 4 million members worldwide.

Radical Sunni groups in Pakistan have targeted the Ahmadi community in the past. Pakistan is the only Muslim state to have declared Ahmadis non-Muslims.

compiled from agency reports