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Two Reported Killed In Thai Violence

A ''Red Shirt'' anti-governement protester waves a national flag during clashes with soldiers in Bangkok on May 14.
The Thai military has reportedly shot two "Red Shirt" protesters during renewed clashes in Bangkok on May 16.

Twenty-five people have been killed in fighting between opponents of Prime Minister (The Red Shirts) and police and soldiers deployed to contain the demonstrations in downtown Bangkok.

On Saturday (May 15) soldiers fired live rounds at demonstrators who fought back with petrol bombs, rocks and crude homemade rockets.

Thai authorities announced earlier in the day that a curfew would be in effect for parts of Bangkok but later said there was no need for such a measure just yet.

Thai authorities are also trying to arrange for the Red Cross to enter areas held by the Red Shirt protesters to evacuate children, women and elderly people caught in the conflict that has already lasted since mid-May.

Red Shirt leaders said today they could start negotiations with the government if Thai troops stop shooting and if the UN is involved.

compiled from agency reports